Disruption is the essence, philosophy, and soul of TBWA\. Disruption involves systematically seeking out creative ways to deliberately break with convention and thereby pursue clearly defined visions.

Disruption is the goal, attitude, and philosophy that shapes everything we do. But disruption is also an established and professional method that is used in the workshops in which we develop new approaches to overcoming challenges.


With Disruption Live, we aim to adapt your brand strategy or brand positioning to the diverse and complex current cultural and media climate that your target group exists in. We analyze what is really happening in the world, what the latest trends are, or which megatrends are currently emerging, and work out how we can use these trends as inspiration for developing strategies and creative ideas and link them to your brand.

Disruption Live is not a strategic tool – it is a daily process that allows us to stay up to date and constantly develop excellent creative ideas for you and your brand.

“If you don’t innovate fast, disrupt your industry, disrupt yourself, you’ll be left behind.” John Chambers, CEO of Cisco 

We believe that all companies need to constantly reinvent themselves, ask themselves how they can service their clients in the most efficient and inspiring way, and think about how they can rewrite the rules of the industry.

Our Disruption & Innovation Workshop offers a platform that assists with and inspires the creation, development, and prioritization of new ideas.

Because we like to think about what’s best for your brand. Now and in the future.

With Backslash, we are always at the pulse of the times and know how target groups and markets are changing worldwide.
Backslash is TBWA’s organic platform for global trends, managed by an international network of cultural specialists and trend spotters with new themes on a daily basis.




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