All Passengers Change Here, Please.

The mobile sales channel is a cornerstone of SBB’s sales strategy. In an effort to achieve its ambitious growth targets, SBB has completely redeveloped its flagship app, SBB Mobile.

The most striking innovation is the touch timetable, which allows you to conveniently connect your destinations on your cellphone with one finger, view all connections, and purchase the ticket directly. In addition, the app provides real-time information on departure times, delays, track changes, and much more.

The three-year Digital Shift campaign highlights the advantages and simplicity of the app, and provides a new testimonial: Yvette Michel, a headstrong elderly lady who fails to understand why travelers still buy their tickets at the counter or at the vending machine. After all, the new app is easier than knitting. The testimonial of the 73-year-young Yvette will be used by SBB for the next few years. Given her unconventionality, she certainly has the potential to attain cult status.